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Travel Payouts is a system that allows you to have your own travel search engine. This is the best travel search engine for Airline tickets searched for in 5 booking systems, 45 agencies and 728 airline companies. Hotels searched for in 67 online booking systems such as, agoda, .com,,,, etc. You get commissions from 10%-30% depending on travel or book system. Also if you refer others you get 7% commission on their earning for 2 years. Also there are a lot other travel related affiliate programs that allow you to make money. Having a Domain is mandatory to get started. So in few dollars buying a domain you start your own business and all you invest is your time here. If you are a blogger your monetization chances are more where you can write articles related to travel and destination and tourist activities monetize. Potential Revenue Possibilities - $1000 - $15000/mo or more.

Start Your Own Search Engine Site

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